South Of Northern Lights

by teej

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South Of Northern Lights is a playlist sharing a Love story created by Teej Vibes and other Artisans. This is only the first chapter of the story. The playlist will be updated once more of the story is produced. Enjoy the Love and Goodvibes.


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released March 19, 2016

Mixed by: teej

Additional Vocals:

Chill With Me - Sean Black, Trizzy
Hunted - Lex Warnick
Alone - Big C, Brook
Beauty - Trish Louis
My Rock N Roller - Trish Louis

Additional Help by: Muz Vora, Meishe, KP, GK Harmony & Everyman Will



all rights reserved


teej Chicago, Illinois

Product of The 90's
South of Northern Lights (in a)
World Of Make Believe


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Track Name: Chill With Me
Intro - Sean Black

Cause we been so distant..
I find myself missing..

Verse One - Trizzy

So many hours on that plane ride
Touchdown and a full day's gone by
I know you hate when I'm on tour and I can't lie
Swear your love is like a drug got me space high
Looking in her eyes I could see the constellation
Waiting on me got her sick she was double patient
Every time I leave she ask how I'm so evasive
Had to put her on the grind and the paper chasing
Told her she can get half girl ride with me
Board the plane be amaze when you cross those seas
Back in school so she working hard on her degree
Her ex man was a fluke and I'm Hercules
Take a load off baby girl enjoy your day
Treat your problems like I'm Jordan make them fade away
I name her flower shorty springing like the month of May
We enjoy each other silence ain't much to say
If I was given an aesthetic I can still feel
Your love potion truth serum cause it's so real
You got an infirmary swag it's so ill
I know it's right but for tonight we can just chill
It's Trizzy

Chorus - Sean Black

Just chill with me
Lay here with me
Tell me how you been
I ain't see you in a min
Cause we been so distant
I find myself missing
You cause you are the only one
That's on my mind

Verse Two - Teej


So many hours spent on helicopters
Yet I flew homesick we should tell a doctor
I need an X Ray, my girl bad to the bone
Had her flown first class just to F me
I couldn't pass a chance to make her come fast
If she don't cum at all then we won't last
She a little Meagan Good with Aaliyah swag
So I'm praying that that plane won't crash
I got a dame on dash Ima see her soon
So I made reservations for that hotel room
Girl we got a bond that's green
So Ima cut like the mower do the lawn
Getting money has it's pros and cons so
I'm just hoping that you in it for the long run
Pace yourself, I'm always on the go
Don't worry I know you can't taste yourself

Chorus (2x)

Bridge - Sean Black

When I'm home
At work or alone
You are my inspiration
I hope we never break this
Oh girl..
Just want you to chill with me baby
Get away from all your problems
I say ohh ohh ohh ohh ohh ohhhhhhh


Verse Three - Teej & Trizzy

I'm not a psychic that can read minds
But I felt that she needed some of me time

And if the clock tick forever I would be fine
But let's make the best of this in the meantime

So hit my line if you ever start to feign for me
Sometimes on this grind I can get lonely

Just don't bring all those games i ain't sony
This kickstand's for your heart you can lean on me